At Yu's Taekwondo School we believe that martial arts is not just a hobby, but a way of life. The purpose of martial arts is to enable individuals to achieve their full potential, both mentally and physically. Without the mental aspect, the physical aspect is meaningless. This is the philosophy we maintain.


People of all ages and from all walks of life pursue the martial arts for a variety of reasons. For many, the initial motivation is health and fitness. Some seek discipline, patience and self-control. Others want the security of self defence training and many pursue the sport aspect and compete locally, nationally, and all over the world. Whatever the motivation, thousands of people have found self-improvement through the professional guidance at Yu's Taekwondo School.


In our program, the student will:

• Enhance alertness and responsiveness
• Gain patience, learn how to relax
• Be able to concentrate better, focused
• Strengthen self control and discipline
• Learn effective self-defence techniques
• Gain leadership skills


Childrens Classes


Children will start in a beginner class while they learn and develop their martial arts skills, at the same time your child will also learn patience, self-control, focus, and the right attitude.

As they achieve there belt levels they can move into our advanced program where they will continue to develop their skills, learn competition techniques, and become role models through leadership. Our programs are specifically designed to bring positive reiforcement into your home and at day school.


Adult Classes


Adults of all ages can participate in Tae Kwon Do to stay in shape, lose weight, relieve stress, and learn self defense techniques. Starting at an older age can sometimes be daunting but here at Yu's we always have the beginner in mind and we promise that you wont feel discouraged when entering our classes.

You will love the positive atmosphere and will soon feel proud and excited to make this life changing experience. For those of you who like the competition aspect of Tae Kwon Do we have a seperate class dedicated to athletes of all ages and belt levels.



Family Classes


Many families are looking to find an acitivity they can all enjoy and have fun doing. At Yu's Tae Kwon Do, families can train together, providing you with shared goals, quality time with your family, and an opportunity to meet a great group of friendly people.


  • A way to bring your family closer together

  • A rewarding activity your whole family will enjoy

  • A way to find excercise time for you and your children

  • A positive environment surrounded by motivated goal-setters


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